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Every song that tugs at me in some way or another is connected to a person, place, or time. The music I listen to is half obscure, two-quarters outdated, and 100% repetitive. When I’m into something — a song or album — I tend to listen to it over and over for a week straight, sometimes longer, until I’ve squeezed every last drop of a feeling. Recently, I’ve been hooked on AOKOHIO by WHY?:

Listen to me.

I mean, if you want. Because, back when I was twenties hungry, I made a lot of music myself.

These songs were written and recorded between 2003 and 2006, during a time when I experienced major shifts in my own youthful aspirations and expectations, the changing and breaking of significant relationships, differing versions of love, a lot of heartache, and too much death. Along with writing and vocals, I made a few of the beats, too. Learn more about the album and my other work here.

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